According to Skanda Purana (an ancient Hindu scripture), Durga is none other than Parvati who takes on the role of warrior at Siva’s request to kill a giant demon. The demon cannot be killed by any of the gods because he is protected against the torments of any male by a special boon. Thus Parvati alone is able to kill him, and in doing so, the goddess is named Durga. Durga, wife of Shiva, is represented with ten arms with a weapon in each hand, shown sitting astride her mount, the lion, holding celestial weapons. With immense pleasure we take this opportunity to inform you that Sahashrabdi Durga Puja Samity will be celebrating Durga Puja 2017, from 25th to 30TH of September, at the “Puja Park”, A-Block, Green Woods City, Sector-45, Gurgaon.

Durga Puja 2017 Dates

Durga Puja Day One – 26th September 2017 (Tuesday)
Puja – Shashthi 8:00AM onwards
Bilva Nimantran,
Akal Bodhon,
Bhog Arti 12PM Onwards
Amantran and Adhivas
Sandhya Arti: 7:00-8:00 PM


Durga Puja Day Two– 27th September 2017 (Wednesday)
Puja – Saptami
Pushpanjali 8AM onwards
Navpatrika Puja, Kolabou Puja
Bhog Arti 12PM Onwards
Sandhya Arti: 7:00-8:00PM


Durga Puja Day Three – 28th September 2017 (Thursday)
Puja – Ashtami,
Pushpanjali: 8AM Onwards
Durga Ashtami,
Sandhya Arti: 7:00-8:00 PM

Sandhi Puja 9PM Onwards


Durga Puja Day Four -29th September 2017 (Friday)
Puja – Navami
Pushpanjali: 8AM Onwards
Bhog Arti: 12PM Onwards
Bengal Maha Navami,
Durga Balidan,
Navami Homa
Sandhya Arti: 7:00-8:00PM


Durga Puja Day Five – 30th September 2017 (Saturday)
Puja – Dashami,
Durga Visarjan 8AM Onwards
Sindoor Utsav

For this purpose “Mata Durbar” will be invoked with all its grace and glory by chanting sacred mantras of ancient Vedic rituals at the location mentioned above.The children and the members are putting in their hearts and souls together to make this auspicious occasion a memorable one like all the previous years. Our team consists of enthusiastic creative minds that aim at bringing together brilliant and passionate devotees and providing them with a platform to experience the essence of Durga Puja. The team is constituted of adults as well as students with varied interests and a wide range of field of expertise. The team is a perfect blend of all aspects that are necessary in hosting a successful Pujo. The uniqueness of our Samity lies in its unbridled endeavour of bonding with the member families, the working corporate and instilling the spirit of Durga puja within a toddler to an adult.

Sahashrabdi Durga Puja Samity along with the sacred puja rituals is a forum, committed to provide a platform where all young and talented minds can come together and contribute as creatively as possible. We aim at giving an opportunity to all those who wish to express themselves and need a platform for the same. The Samity intends to bring together people from various backgrounds and help them understand the beauty, that is of Durga Puja.

We have put together this Puja for the reasons mentioned above and invite you to partner with us and help us reach our goal of making a successful and fruitful event. We believe that your esteemed company/institution can contribute to our initiative and help us achieve great heights. We will be privileged and honoured to seek your opinions throughout the journey, in case you partner with us. The deliverables of sponsorship are also attached in this mail.

The Timings of Durga Puja.

Mahashashti: This year, Mahashashti is on 26th September 2017. On this day the Divine Mother arrives to the mortal world from her heavenly abode Kailash. This is the eve of the Puja, accompanied by her children. Unveiling the face of the idol is the main ritual on this day. Kolparambho, the ritual performed before the commencement of the puja precedes Bodhon, Amontron and Adibas.

Mahasaptami: This year, Mahasaptami is on 27th September 2017. Saptami is the first day of Durga puja. Kola Bow (Nabapatrika, the wife of Ganesha) is given a pre-dawn bath. This is an ancient ritual of worshiping nine types of plants. They are together worshiped as a symbol of the goddess. The main Saptami Puja follows Kolparambho and Mahasnan.

Mahaashtmi: This year Mahaashtami is on 28th September 2017. Day two begins with a recital of Sanskrit hymns, as thousands of devotees offered anjali to the goddess. As the day wears on, the time for the important Sandhi Puja comes, which marks the inter-linking of the Maha Ashtami and Maha Navami.
Sandhi Puja: An integral and most important part of Durga Puja, Sandhi Puja, is performed at the juncture of the 8th and 9th lunar day. Sandhi puja lasts from the last 24 minutes of Ashtami till the first 24 minutes of Nabami. During this juncture (the “Sandhishkhan”), Durga is worshipped in her Chamunda form. Devi Durga killed Chando and Mundo, the two asuras at “Sandhishkhan” and thus acquired the name of “Chamunda”. The timings for the auspicious Sandhi Puja this year is 09:12 PM to 10:00 PM.

Mahanavmi: Mahanavami is on 29th September 2017 On day three this is the concluding day of Durga Puja. The main Navami puja begins. A havan is performed at the end of navami puja.

Dashmi & Vijaya: Vijaya Dashami is on 30th September 2017. The last day after the three days of Puja, in Dashami , a tearful farewell is offered to the Goddess. And a grand send-off is arranged. The images are carried in processions around the locality and finally are immersed in a nearby river